Charitable Trust


The concept of charity is close to the hearts of all of the partners and staff at the firm.

There is no point during the year when a partner or staff member is not contributing to charitable events in one way or another.

The contributions extend beyond just making donations, to climbing mountains, trekking across desserts and cycling in the most remote of areas. We are hugely proud of the efforts of not only our partners and staff but also our clients.

In addition to conventionally raising funds for established charities and good causes, we decided to take a further step forward and establish our own charitable trust to assist less well known fundraising activities and to provide assistance to individuals who otherwise would not have access to charitable funds.

H & T Clients Charitable Trust – Making a Difference

For over 10 years, we have been adding an additional small sum to every invoice we have issued to clients.

Any such amounts received from clients are matched by the partners of the firm pound for pound.

We are delighted to have raised in excess of £250,000 through this innovation. The funds raised have been used to support a large number of registered charities as diverse as The Alzheimers Society to the Neurofibromatosis Association.

The charities selected are chosen from suggestions received from Partners, Staff and clients. We particularly seek out charities and individuals where our contributions will make a difference and positively change people’s lives.

We are proud to have pioneered this form of fundraising and our clients are equally proud to have made it work. We would be delighted to assist (without charge) any other organisations who wish to introduce a similar concept to their business.

The H&T Clients Charitable Trust Cancer Fund

A second charitable trust established by the firm is the “H&T Clients Charitable Trust Cancer Fund”. This charitable trust funds cancer treatment for patients that require specialist cancer treatment and are unable to obtain it from the NHS.

We have worked particularly closely with Imperial College who have referred patients to us who have exhausted all avenues of treatment within the NHS.

We are currently funding five patients with expensive immunotherapy drugs, and are hopeful that if we continue achieving positive results, the NHS will take over the funding of these patients and extend the funding for immunotherapy drugs to other cancer patients.

Each patient we have funded has also, together with their family and friends, attempted to raise funds for the charity so as to partially fund the next patient.

Funds raised to date approach £750,000. In particular we must praise our Partner Ronnie Harris who recently ran the Berlin Marathon (at age 64), for this fund and raised in excess of £400,000.

No Surrender – Charitable Trust

Jason Boas

We are particularly proud to support the No Surrender charity which was established by our late partner Jason Boas (right) whose life was cut short, at the age of 33, by pancreatic cancer. Jason formed the trust in 2007 to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer.

In spite of being diagnosed with what is often labelled as “ the impossible cancer” by the medical community, Jason strove to raise awareness of the disease and raised a laudable £150,000 for pancreatic cancer research and support.

Despite his condition, Jason remained upbeat, good humoured and strong, with an unwavering drive to bring together pancreatic cancer sufferers and offer support and hope through an online network.

We look forward to continue to raise funds for charitable causes in the future and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of those who have contributed to our efforts thus far.

If you would like any further information about our charitable trusts please do not hesitate to contact one of the partners.

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